Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm doing great.

I started this blog to tell you about Neko Atsume (or, ねこあつめ). It is an app in which you, essentially, collect cats. You lure them to your backyard (and eventually* your den) with food and toys and, in return, they gift you with gold and silver sardines that you use to buy them more food and toys!

Neko Atsume

There are 41 cats in all. They come and go or come and stay, depending on when you check your scene (sometimes you miss seeing a cat or few in the time you have the app closed). And, according to Annette at Welcome to Wonderland, some of the cats are rare enough to only swing by when certain items are left out for them! (That post is also basically a tutorial on how to even use this app, given that everything in it is written in Japanese.)

As the cats play with a ball of yarn or sit in a bucket, you can take their picture and give them a name. I’ve named all of mine after Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters (above you’ll find sleeping Andrew, Xander with the ball of yarn, sleeping Buffy, Darla playing with the baseball, Willow on the tree stump, Oz in the overturned carton, Ben in the bucket, and Cordelia between jumps at the butterfly) because what am I doing with my life. That’s pretty much it! They just play and you look at them!

I have no conclusion to this! I’m pretty much obsessed with collecting cats now and laughed very hard when the chubby cat came and ate all of the food (she left me lots of sardines to make up for it (I named her Drusilla)). All day I think about getting gold sardines and hoping Spike shows up to wear the plastic bag on his head for a while and how Cordelia must really, really like me since I’ve seen her the most of all of the cats.

Thank you Kim for ruining my life re: showing me this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The game starts with only the backyard but, after earning 180 gold sardines (or spending $2.99 because earning gold sardines is so hard, cats are so ungrateful?????), you can expand your space to put more things to trap more cats to make more sardines to buy more things! (Or you can do literally anything else, like read a book or go outside or put your mouth into the opening of a bottle for a really long time until your lips are plump as hell, etc.!)


  1. This sounds like the greatest game ever!

  2. OMG Cats really ARE so ungrateful!!! It makes me sad when I spend all those sardines on like, a space heater to keep them warm in the cold backyard and then they leave me ONE REGULAR SARDINE??? Breaking my heart here. ;(

    Also this one cat I named Butthead I have literally never seen his face. He's always got a bag over his head or peeking through the goldfish bowl or sticking his butt out of a box. CAT CONSPIRACY

    1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe there's a cat whose face you've never seen, that's SO MYSTERIOUS WHO IS HE!

      I've noticed some of the cats leave a good amount of sardines, but some regularly leave behind the worst sardine tips imaginable and it's like, then stop coming around here!